OpenUnderwriter is a suite of web enabled open source insurance applications which can work independently of each other, or together. The suite provides support for the full insurance lifecycle.

Use the links below to access the applications areas of this OpenUnderwriter installation.


Full policy life-cycle support. Products are extended to cover mid term adjustment, renewal and cancellation transactions.

In development

A Claims management tool. Provides support for claims processes from first notification through to payment.


OpenUnderwriter is distributed under the GNU General Public License. This means you can download it and use it freely without charge as long as you comply with that license.

Free community support for OpenUnderwriter is available via our support forum, which compliments our wider commercial support and value added service offerings. For more information please contact us.

Login to demo accounts using icons above. The default installation includes a set of demonstartion accounts with various roles. Using these links you can quickly login as different types of user and access the features available to them.

The users are divided into 3 different organisations to simulate one possible multi-organisational configuration.

There is a full explanation on the OpenUnderwriter wiki.